3 Benefits of Lean Kaizen Tours to Japan

If you are an administrator in an organization using or considering the Lean Management System to improve productivity, you have already learned something of this exceptional collection of methodologies and techniques. You may know that it:

  • Is well known for streamlining operations and making procedures faster and more efficient.
  • Is also known for helping to reduce and in many cases eliminate waste in any aspect of an organization.
  • It has been effective at helping to control costs, even in difficult financial times, while maintaining and even improving quality.
  • Is responsible for improving communications between management and the workforce in a number of organizations, which has helped
    • Improved moral
    • Increased employee involvement in quality and productivity issues
    • Helped management keep a close eye on how things are on the shop floor

You have probably done some research, seen some videos, and even had talks with some consultants, but there is still something more that you can do.

Looking to Japan:

This system originated in Japan as part of the Toyota Production System and much of the cutting edge development work is still being done there. Even though Lean is used in thousands of companies worldwide, there is something special about seeing it in action back where it all began.

It may seem like a pretty tall order, making those Lean Study Mission to Japan Reservations, and getting on a flight to Japan, but there are some 3 things that you will experience that will make it worthwhile:

Benefit 1: Getting a vision of how things work:

One of the issues with working with a large and comprehensive system is getting a visual handle on how things are going to look and operate when you are done. Getting a clear vision when there are so many unknowns is a difficult task, and sometimes videos, books and online courses just can’t close the gap. You need firsthand experience.

During’s Lean Kaizen Tours to Japan, you will have the opportunity to visit businesses using this system and see how it works in action, solving the same kind of problems you are facing back home. You will not only get to see the operation, you will get to talk shop with the people who installed and are using these solutions.

Benefit 2: Getting a feel for what is possible:

Before you see this system in action, you may have had some doubts about whether or not the promises made would come true. Even if you see things working in a video, there is something direct and primal about watching it happen 3 feet away.You will be better equipped to step into your first or next implementation with increased confidence in the outcome.

Benefit 3: Picking the minds of world class experts:

Your Japan trip package also includes classroom sessions with some of the best minds in Lean in the world, and you will not only get to hear what they have to say, but ask questions that can help you along in your quest for productivity.

Source by John Robe

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