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Eddie Guerrero was born on October 9th, 1967 in El Paso, Texas. It was in his blood to become a wrestler as Eddie, his brothers: Chavo Sr, Hector and Mando Guerrero and his nephew, Chavo Jr, all became professional wrestlers due to Eddie’s father, Gory Guerrero, who was already an influential and prominent figure and trainer in Mexican professional wrestling.

During Eddie’s early days he wrestled in several Mexican federations such as CMLL and AAA and even worked in WCW by 1992. Eddie perfected his skills and ended up wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he was known as the 2nd incarnation of “Black Tiger”. In 1996 he not only won the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, but he was granted a shot at the IGWP Junior Heavyweight Championship.

In late 1994, Eddie Guerrero and his then best friend and tag team partner, Art Barr, who were known as La Pareja del Terror (The Pair of Terror), were noticed by ECW Owner Paul Heyman. Guerrero and Barr were known as the one of the most hated tag teams in Lucha Libre history. Although both were approached to wrestler in ECW in 1995, Art Barr passed away suddenly, aged 28. Although Eddie had already used the splash as a Signature move, he decided to adopt the “Frog Splash”, Barr’s finisher, as his own finisher to remember his former friend and tag partner.

After his depature from Extreme Championship Wrestling, Guerrero returned to World Championship Wrestling for a 5 year run with the company. Eddie would launch into a series of rivalries against Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen, Konnan and Diamond Dallas Page to name a few. Eddie Guerreros first taste of success in World Championship Wrestling came when he participated in a tournament for the vacant United States Championship. He would defeat DDP in the final he would hold the Championship for 77 days before losing it to his former foe, Dean Malenko. Eddie would also win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship twice in late 1997.

In 1998, he feuded with his nephew, Chavo Guerrero Jr. It was around this time that Eddie was frustrated with WCW. Despite having success and popularity, he was never pushed by then WCW President, Eric Bischoff.

In his first year with the World Wrestling Federation, Eddie created a stable with Benoit, Malenko and Saturn (The Radicalz), won the affections of Chyna and won the European Championship in only his 7th match with the company off of Chris Jericho who won it the night before at Wrestlemania 16. He would hold the belt for 3 and a half months before losing it to Perry Saturn. Eddie would then win the Intercontinental Championship from his [&quote;]mamacita[&quote;], Chyna after she won the belt at Summerslam. Chyna would break up with Eddie after he was caught with the Godfather’s hos in the shower.

After he was caught, Eddie went back to the Radicalz and feuded with DX. Eddie lost the Intercontinental Championship to Billy Gunn in late 2000. Then, after failing to recapture the Intercontinental Title once again, Eddie focused on the European Championship which he won again at Wrestlemania 17 with a victory over Test.

In mid 2001, Eddie left The Radicalz to turn face and align himself with the Hardy Boyz. Off camera though, his personal life was in ruins. An addiction to pain medication from the car accident in 1999 sent him to rehab in May 2001. Before he could return to the ring, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Three days later, he was released.

While away, he won the IWA Mid South Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat match between himself, Rey Mysterio and then champion CM Punk. He would lose the title back to Punk the next day.

Eddie returned to the WWF on April Fools Day 2002, attacking RVD. He would defeat Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship in only his 2nd match back. He would lose the title back to RVD in a Ladder Match on Raw. During this match, an intoxicated fan jumped the security railing and knocked over the ladder that Eddie was climbing.

When the World Wrestling Federation was renamed to World Wrestling Entertainment, Eddie was looking ahead. He finished off the middle of 2002 with rivalries against Ric Flair and Edge. Then, at the end of 2002, he began a tag team with Chavo named [&quote;]Los Guerreros[&quote;]. The lying, cheating and stealing was born again in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Los Guerreros entered the tournament to crown the first WWE Tag Team Champions, although they were knocked out in the semi finals, they still managed to win the titles in a triple threat tag team match at Survivor Series. They would hold the titles for 3 months and continue to chase after the gold until Chavo tore his bicep in May which would result in Eddie choosing a new partner, Tajiri, and winning the WWE Tag Team Championship for a second time.

In mid 2003, Eddie would taste gold again by not only becoming World Wrestling Entertainment United States Champion by beating Chris Benoit in a tournament final, but he also once again became World Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Champion with Chavo. He would retain the US Title and Tag Titles until October where he lost the belts to Big Show and the Basham Brothers respectively.

In the new year, Los Guerreros split up after Chavo attacked Eddie after a match for the Tag Titles against the Bashams. The two had a brutal match at the Royal Rumble in which Eddie was victorious.

At the end of January 2004, Eddie won a 15 man Royal Rumble match to become the #1 contender for the WWE Championship at No Way Out against Brock Lesnar. Eddie would win the championship after interference from Goldberg and a frog splash. Afterwards, he would feud with Kurt Angle and JBL in mid 2004 and lose the championship to JBL in a Texas Bullrope Match at The Great American Bash and he would also lose to Angle at Summerslam. He would gain retribution, leading his team to victory against Angle’s team at Survivor Series.

In early 2005, Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Tag Titles for a fourth time with Rey Mysterio before Wrestlemania 21. The two had a great match at Wrestlemania, which Eddie lost. Over the coming months, Eddie turned heel and began to violently target his tag partner after they lost the titles to MNM. Eddie lost a number of matches against Rey including one at The Great American Bash which had the stipulation that if Eddie lost, he would reveal a secret about Rey’s son Dominick. Eddie still revealed the secret, claiming to be Dominick’s real father. Eddie let Rey adopt Dominick after Rey couldn’t conceive a child of his own. The two had a Ladder match at Summerslam for the custody of Dominick in which Rey won.

In his final months, Eddie would become #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship which was held by Batista at the time. Batista by this time was well aware of Eddie’s ways and stayed close to him to keep an eye on him and to see what he was really up to. Although Eddie lost the match for the title at No Mercy, he turned face again, realising the error of his ways.

Eddie’s sudden death came on November 13th, 2005, two days after his final match on television against Mr. Kennedy for a place on Team Smackdown for Survivor Series. He was found in his hotel room unconscious by his nephew, Chavo. Although there were valiant attempts to resuscitate Eddie, he was pronounced dead by the paramedics. Eddie Guerrero was 38 years old.

The November 14th episode of Raw, November 18th Episode of Smackdown, TNA’s PPV Genesis, the next Ring of Honor show (which was named “Night of Tribute”) and the next Ohio Valley Wrestling Taping all paid tribute to Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 by Chris Benoit, Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. The honor was received by his widow, Vickie Guerrero and his children.

Eddie’s WWE/F Win Loss Record Smackdown Raw Pay Per View Velocity Heat Wins (# DQ) 90 (12 by DQ) 25 (1 by DQ) 22 (1 by DQ) 3 9 Losses (# DQ) 72 (9 by DQ) 27 (2 by DQ) 28 (3 by DQ) 1 1 No Contests 5 3 – – 1

Eddie’s career will never be forgotten. His charisma and passion for the business was only matched by the love for his family. Eddie will always remain in our minds and hearts.

RIP Eddie Guerrero. 1967 – 2005

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