Teak Furniture Popular in Kunming

Many teak furniture in the sale, on walking a fine line with its name also suspected. Some businesses in the commodity name on the label “Teak Furniture”, but actually only use teak furniture, the main part materials. It turned out really into the whole teak furniture, teak furniture and teak furniture, two main parts, fake teak furniture market focus on the “full” not “all” and “real” not “solid” on an issue, nothing more than part-teak furniture, teak furniture, all counterfeit, fake and non-wood furniture, solid wood furniture situation.

Indeed, as long as the consumer little carelessness may be used for a set of teak furniture, all the money to buy a not so real teak furniture. Some unscrupulous businesses play a little trick, a bit hard to detect.False appearance of teak furniture, not only split the market share, but also disrupts the teak furniture industry’s healthy competition. Interview, many teak furniture brand businesses can all hope the relevant departments to strengthen supervision of teak furniture market, unscrupulous manufacturers out of business.

Beware of Fake Teak Furniture

In fact, for ordinary people, buying into a fake teak furniture, not only economic losses, perhaps the less reliable quality and technology, will also affect your health. Interview, reporter learned that, last February, Kunming, Yunnan Province Bureau of Quality Supervision range in the first carried out on the furniture, product quality supervision and inspection on a regular basis. In the sample of 81 batches of wooden furniture, there are 25 batches of substandard products quality, which exceeded the 16 batches of formaldehyde emission, representing the total number of physical samples failed quality checks of 64%.

“Cause the production of furniture with excessive formaldehyde release is mainly due to the procurement of raw materials of furniture manufacturers have not conducted strictly quality wood-based panel, not in accordance with the national standard procurement qualified board, mainly formaldehyde emission exceeded.” Yunnan Provincial Furniture Industry Association Chairman, said Hui.Usually in the understanding of the market “false teak furniture,” the type and recommended to the consumers the best selection of teak furniture stores and department stores must obtain a valid sales receipt.

Identification of Teak Furniture Tips

1. How do you identify the real teak?

First black heart yuyuanensis with teak similar in appearance and density, adverse business will be shoddy, consumer fraud. Selection of teak furniture, wood furniture, to observe whether the clear lines clear, the wood surface is very smooth, delicate touch, as if the oil is soaked teak, black heart Manglietia it appears more rough.

Second, the teak itself a kind of sour distribution, similar to rice rancid odor after, but no such smell black heart glauca.Finally, take a small amount of water sprinkled on the surface of furniture, paint is not painted, if the water was not absorbed as teak bead-like distribution, water uptake is the black heart glauca.

2. How to identify all solid teak furniture?

Identification of industry sources whether the wood block method: If a door, looks a kind of pattern, then the corresponding change in the position of this pattern in the back door to see if there is a corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well is a pure solid wood doors.Speaking of teak, many people may very familiar, but you know it is the only immersion in sea water and sun exposure will not occur under the plate bending and cracking it? To know the Titanic deck is teak, and salvaged some of the water well so far; the world one of the oldest wooden bridge – the moral outskirts of Myanmar’s Mandalay Bridge Lake lover, more than two kilometers long, completely teak construction, after hundreds of years and is immortal line … … in Shenzhen and other coastal cities, who have economic strength, mostly decorated with select teak furniture at home, both high and practical. Nowadays, teak furniture, this unit has blown hot Kunming, attracted some high-end consumer groups competing to buy, but the scarcity of raw materials, teak, teak furniture prices resulting rise in the rate of increase over the previous year more than 30%.

Teak furniture will start in 2010, burst on the scene at the Kunming court emergence. Reporter visited several home stores found that the current field in the win at home in Kunming, rain dragon and other large home stores, has entered a number of teak furniture brand stores. Closer look found that, in Kunming in the sales pitch fashionable teak furniture, both antique Southeast Asian style, of elegant European and Balinese style, some imitation brand stores also launched the Ming and Qing style teak furniture. Interview with reporters also found that most of the market in the sale of teak furniture imported from Indonesia and Taiwan, also from Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities as part of production of teak furniture. From the year before last, Kunming is also part of the brand furniture manufacturers began to release material teak furniture. As the design simple, generous, foreign brands – Taiwan High Point Waugh United teak furniture more by the market.

Teak Limited Resources

So why the walk teak walnut, cherry, oak and other wood after the out? Perhaps it is saying the origin and worth a lot to. It is understood that teak originated in Southeast Asia and southern China in a few areas, trees hard texture, color, golden, beautiful wood, with natural fragrance and can prevent insects. Teak lumber from growth to at least 50 years. In recent years, a number of teak producing countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, Burma and other places to start legislation to strictly control the exploitation and export of teak.

In the West, teak has been not only a decoration material, it has even become a safe haven commodity.Suddenly, as teak, very limited resources, raw material prices show rising trend in recent years has been, teak is increasingly reflected their precious. Therefore, material with teak furniture production began to become in demand in the domestic market up.Dragon Dragon Yunnan, home, according to General Manager Liu Jiazhi introduced recently in 2012, Kunming, are beginning to recognize the value of teak furniture. Although a teak sofa to 15,000 yuan or more, people want to buy or eyes without blinking.

Finished Teak Furniture Prices Rose 30%

In real life, there are many household items only practical, but no investment value, such as automotive, high-end appliances. Some items both practical and investing collection value, hardwood furniture is the most typical. Currently on the market include hardwood furniture, rosewood, ebonylike wood, rosewood, teak, etc.. Among them, the teak has a “once owned by several generations of benefit” in the world. The reporters found nowadays in Kunming field teak furniture sale price of a boat which rises with the increasing market demand. Compared to last year, is present in a teak furniture sale prices rose to as much as 30%. Even so, the status of noble, or by some high-end teak furniture, consumer groups alike.

“Teak main origin in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand and Myanmar produce the best, these teak producers in Thailand, strictly limit the export of logs, resulting in material supply market, more tight, teak furniture, recent years have been showing upward trend in prices , slightly larger gains this year. for example, produced in Indonesia, more than 35 cm in diameter and more than teak, has risen to 30,000 yuan ton; produced in Myanmar, Mandalay, more than 35 cm in diameter teak prices have gone up more than to 40,000 yuan ton. Most of these teak more than a hundred years of age or more, to build up a more superior quality teak furniture, with investment and collection value. a number of less than 20 cm in diameter, teak, in terms of both year and materials can not Zuocheng teak furniture, the main material goods can only be used for teak flooring and furniture and supplementary, because the price of raw materials is not less than 12,000 yuan ton. “specializes in teak furniture sale home in Yunnan Dragon Dragon, said General Manager Liu Jiazhi .

Tell Teak Furniture Blend into the Market

Various styles and good quality of teak furniture has become the new home of the supplies high-end home decorating is one of the face of huge profits, some unscrupulous vendors playing the evil idea, or small shoes with black heart Manglietia like pigeon looks like teak Miscellaneous wood, or simply leave all teak with teak furniture production. A teak furniture dealer told reporters that such leave teak furniture, often the banner of “Ancient Man” production banner, consumer fraud. The price is compared to real teak furniture, much cheaper, but whether in gloss, color and furniture material above, teak furniture with really big difference. The do not have the professional ability to identify consumers, teak furniture is difficult to identify true and false.

Source by Lanbo Jiang

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